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Nuke Performance

PTFE ProLube+ 1ml

PTFE ProLube+ 1ml

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PTFE ProLube+ from Nuke Performance, a non-colored O-ring grease safe for use with alcoholic fuels.
For a trouble-free and safe installation, you should lubricate all fittings and o-rings during the assembly of your fuel system. With the PTFE ProLube+ from Nuke Performance, you get a PTFE-enhanced silicon lubricant safe for use with alcoholic fuels such as E85 and methanol.

 PTFE-enhanced silicon grease for your fuel system fittings
 Simplifies the installation of your fuel fittings
 Protects your O-rings and seals

 Withstands alcoholic fuels, such as E85 and methanol

PTFE ProLube+ is a high-quality PTFE-enhanced silicon lubricant for O-rings and gaskets in motorsports fuel systems. Its PTFE-enhanced formula withstands alcoholic fuels like E85 and methanol, ensuring reliable performance. Delivered in a handy 1ml sachet, enough for about 3 fittings.

Make sure to protect your O-rings with PTFE ProLube+ for the most ultimate, and unbeatable lubrication.

Available in a small sachet of 1ml and a jar of 500ml (available here).

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