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JDY Front Mount Intercooler(FMIC) For Audi 2.5TFSI RS3 -1300HP

JDY Front Mount Intercooler(FMIC) For Audi 2.5TFSI RS3 -1300HP

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ACC Bracket

JDY 2.5TFSI Front Mounted Intercooler for Audi TTRS 8S RS3 8V

supports 1300HP

JDY products are all about efficiency and performance. When we were designing this intercooler for the RS3 8V, we never lost sight of one thing: more power. As a result of our commitment to performance and efficiency, the JDY 2.5TFSI Front Mounted Intercooler has several unique features that make it a standout in its class.

1. Made from billet aluminum, the end tank is machined to ensure high boost durability with an inlet size of 76mm.

2. The JDY 2.5TFSI Front Mounted Intercooler has been developed through Computational Fluid Dynamics analysis, ensuring an effective use of the entire core by utilizing precisely shaped fins to evenly distribute air flow across the entire surface. As a result, this intercooler has been proven to drastically reduce intake air temperatures, offering the largest possible power gains on the market.

3. JDY has created a custom-made bar and plate intercooler core with an extra thickness of 110mm. This design supports up to 1300HP, giving you the power you need when you need it.

4. JDY has used Wiggins clamp for the inlet and outlet pipes for each end tank, preventing any leaks from occurring. In high-boost applications, simply switching the piping is all that's needed, with no welding required.

5. Extra 1/8NPT ports have been pre-made on each inlet and outlet pipe, allowing for WMI nozzle/IAT sensor/boost sensor applications.

6. installation of the JDY FMIC is easy, as it fits all stock locations without requiring cutting. A black steel crash bar is included with the kit, and it works perfectly with ambient air temperature sensors, ACC brackets (optional from JDY), toll bars, stock horns, and all other stock accessories.

7. JDY has designed an air collecting guide around the intercooler core to force incoming air as much as possible towards the core, maximizing the outside flow of the core.

8. JDY offers options for all different sizes of hosing in the market, making it competitive with all other brands and JDY's own products, including 70mm-76mm inlet, 65-76mm inlet, 70mm-76mm outlet, and 76mm-76mm outlet.

In summary, the JDY 2.5TFSI Front Mounted Intercooler for Aud RS3 8V is designed with maximized performance and installation friendliness in mind. It's the perfect choice for those who want the ultimate in performance!

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