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Fuel Pressure Regulator FPR100s AN-6

Fuel Pressure Regulator FPR100s AN-6

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Nuke Performance FPR100s Fuel Pressure Regulator: Redefining efficiency for motorsports fuel management.

Lightweight design, ethanol-proof fuel pressure regulator with a slim design, and easy-to-mount stainless steel brackets. Every unit is thoroughly tested before delivery, with unmatched functionality and the same high quality as always.

 Lightweight motorsports fuel pressure regulator
 Safe for all types of fuel including methanol and ethanol
 Every unit performance tested before delivery
 Fully adjustable up to 100 PSI (7 bar)
 1:1 boost reference
 Stainless steel mounting bracket
 AN-6 ORB inlets/outlet

The most reliable 1:1 boost reference solution to bring together simple or complex fuel systems for all types of tuning or motorsports engine setup. Redesigned with precision functionality in focus. Lightweight design with the same hallmark as the entire Nuke Performance range of motorsports parts, with an integrated stainless steel bracket for safe and easy mounting for all applications and installations.

 Developed according to the high demands of motorsports
The FPR100s fuel pressure regulator is co-developed with worldwide motorsports teams and fuel pump manufacturers. This fuel pressure regulator is set to perform under all conditions, with any horsepower requirement. It is designed and tested for usage with up to 700hp and is fully adjustable between 30 PSI and 100 PSI (2-7 bar).

 Fully adjustable between 30 PSI and 100 PSI (2-7 BAR)
 AN-6 ORB inlet and outlet, approved for 200-700 hp

This is the optimal AN6 fuel pressure regulator with the highest flow capacity for setups between 200-700hp. Ready for AN-6 ORB fittings, delivered with an AN-6 ORB plug for a single inlet setup. The FPR100s is a product that evolved out of our life at the race track and takes its place just beneath its big brothers FPR100m and FPR100x.

 1:1 boost reference and high flow design with minimum flow loss
Fuel pressure rises on a 1:1 ratio when referencing boost with the precision pressure adjustment. Fuel pressure is dialed in using the set screw on top with its hardened steel ball that enables an exact and well-tuned fuel pressure setup, ≈0.14 BAR (≈2 PSI) / turn. Its dual inlet design allows you to choose between a left or right inlet or a dual inlet for a V-engine setup. The 1/8" NPT thread faces forward for easy to read fuel pressure gauge and fuel pressure sensor installation.

 1:1 boost reference
 600 LPH free flow rating
 AN-6 ORB inlets and outlet
 Lightweight motorsports design

With the AN-6 ORB dual inlet design, you can choose between a left or right inlet, or a dual inlet for a V-engine setup. And with the easy access 1/8" NPT thread faced forward, it is easy to attach your fuel pressure gauge or sensor for easy pressure readings.

 Choose between an AN-6, AN-8, and AN-10 Fuel Pressure Regulator, exceeding your every possible fueling need
The new FPR100-series fuel pressure regulators are available in AN-6, AN-8, and AN-10, and all are fully adapted to your motorsports needs. All three have an extremely slim and lightweight design with the latest technology and functionality.

 FPR100s AN-6 : 200 - 700 horsepower
 FPR100m AN-8 : 500 - 1200 horsepower
 FPR100x AN-10 : 700 - 2000+ horsepower

The option between three different size versions of the FPR100-series fuel pressure regulators lets you choose the optimal function for your setup. In combination with the different fittings for both inlet and outlet ports between AN-6 and AN-12, these FPRs give you a range from 200 all the way up to 2400 horsepower.

The FPR100s has AN-6 ORB inlet ports and AN-6 ORB outlet ports and is designed for setups between 200 - 700 horsepower, making it the most lightweight and space-efficient regulator of the FPR100-series from Nuke Performance.

 Easy to install with a stainless steel bracket, and safe for all types of fuel, including alcoholic fuels like ethanol
All the FPR100-series fuel pressure regulators come with a sturdy stainless steel bracket that makes them extremely easy to attach to any engine bay, and secures the FPR even during extreme conditions to prevent malfunctions. And like all Nuke Performance motorsports products, the FPR100s fuel pressure regulator is developed, designed, and manufactured with its stainless steel hardware and anodized internals to handle all fuels, including petrol, ethanol, and methanol.

 Safe for all types of fuel, including ethanol
 Fibre-reinforced nitrile 46mm membrane

The fibre-reinforced 46mm nitrile membrane of the FPR1002 is of the highest possible quality and is approved for all types of fuel, including gasoline (petrol), and alcoholic fuels such as ethanol, E85, E100, and methanol.

 Choose the right fittings for your FPR100s fuel pressure regulator
A 5mm vacuum barb fitting is included, while 6mm pneufit quick connect fittings are available as an accessory. The FPR100s uses AN-6 ORB threads to fit the most common fittings of choice. It comes with one AN-6 ORB plug that can easily be removed for dual inlet applications. It fits most common AN-6 fittings, with the fittings sold separately.
AN6 ORB - AN6 Male Part #: 700-04-101
AN6 ORB - AN8 Male Part #: 700-04-102
AN6 ORB - AN10 Male Part #: 700-04-103
AN6 ORB - AN6 Female Part #: 700-04-119
1/16 NPT to Pneufit 6 mm Part # : 300-10-116

 Each FPR100s regulator is rigorously tested before delivery
To maximize the quality and functionality of the FPR100-series including FPR100s AN-6, FPR100m AN-8, and FPR100x AN-10, each individual fuel pressure regulator is tested before delivery. Our test facility features world-leading test equipment that can detect even the smallest possible properties that may negatively affect function. There is no shortcut in the manufacturing that leads to the excellent performance and functionality of the Nuke Performance FPR100s fuel pressure regulator.

 Developed upon high demands from worldwide motorsports
Designed in Sweden, the Fuel Pressure Regulator FPR100s AN-6 has been co-developed and designed with worldwide motorsports teams. The Nuke Performance fuel pressure regulators have never stopped evolving. Always ready to give you maximum function, and with extremely high quality, they perform even in extreme and demanding conditions. The FPR100-series fuel pressure regulators are made with the same hallmark as all other parts in the lightweight Nuke Performance motorsports range.

 Optional Nuke Performance fuel pressure gauge, 0-100 PSI (7 bar)
To get the ultimate and full experience of your brand new Nuke Performance FPR100s fuel pressure regulator, you should supplement it with our precise and stylish fuel pressure gauge that fits straight into the 1/8" NPT threaded outlet on the front of our regulator.
Fuel pressure gauge Part #: 310-01-101

 Fuel Pressure Regulator FPR100s AN-6 Specifications
For more information about specifications, contact us directly.

 Pressure range 2 - 7 BAR (30 - 100 PSI)
 Boost reference 1:1
 Horsepower rating 200 - 700 HP
 Free fuel flow rating 600 LPH
 Fuel compatibility Gasoline, Petrol, Methanol, Ethanol
 Inlet thread Dual AN-6 ORB, view range
 Outlet thread Single AN-6 ORB, view range
 Gauge port 1/8 NPT
 Vacuum reference port 1/16 NPT
 Diaphragm 46mm Fibre-enhanced nitrile membrane
 Height 93-105mm (3.66-4.13")*
 Width 53mm (2.08”)
 Depth 46mm (1.81”)
 Weight 352g (12.42oz)
 Ball-Bearing adjustment ≈0.14 BAR (≈2 PSI) / turn

 * depending on set pressure

 Nuke Performance Fuel Pressure Regulator FPR100s AN-6 Includes:
1 x 6AN ORB plug for the additional inlet
1 x 1/8 NPT plug for gauge/sensor outlet
1 x 1/16 NPT Barb fitting for 5mm vacuum hose
1 x Stainless steel mounting bracket
2 x Stainless steel bolts for the mounting bracket

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