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EA888 Gen3 Cut Ring Racing Head Gasket

EA888 Gen3 Cut Ring Racing Head Gasket

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Produced in very high-quality stainless steel, Cooper Rings exceed the sealing capabilities of conventional fire rings and optimize engine performances.

Gaskets with Cooper Ring are realized with a reinforced material M0115, renowned for being asbestos-free, original equipment approved, and superior quality.

These gaskets stand out also because they present separate stainless steel rings (AISI 304) that ensure maximum sealing around the cylinder bore, even on engines with NOS and/or turbo applications in which boost exceeds 2 bar.

No head and block machining is required. Finally, the application of silicon beading on critical areas helps to improve sealing around all water and oil cooling passages.

Thickness 1,4 mm Ø 83,5 mm

Fits: MK7GTI(R)/MK7.5GTI(R)/S38V/S38VFL/Seat Cupra EA888 Gne3 Engines

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