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DynoSpectrum has created a great option for TTRS and RS3 owners who are looking for that next level of performance and customization. DS1 offers a lot of the same features as a standalone engine management system without the headache of reduced drivability or losing any of your OEM Features. 

If you're tired of being locked into a generic OTS Tune and need a tune that is tailored to your vehicle and your needs, as well as has room to grow into your next setup, then DS1 is the answer for you. 

 DS1 offers a ton of great features that you're going to want for your TTRS or RS3.

  • Realtime Flex Fuel with Virtual Cockpit Content Display
  • Live Maps switching
  • Optional Rolling Anti-Lag
  • Option Scramble Button
  • Customized Datalogging 
  • Ultra-fast vehicle flashing
  • Realtime Tuning
  • Customizable Virtual Cockpit Gauges 
  • Bluetooth Flashing
  • OTS Tunes and Professional Tune options
  • OTS Tunes for Multiple Octanes (91, 93, 100, E85)

DS1 wireless flashing
 - Wireless flashing of your DME/ECU via a web browser
 - PC, Mac, iPhone, Android, smartwatch flashing capabilities.
 - Data is broadcast via an encrypted WiFi connection
 - Robust and safe data transfer between DS1 and user  
 - Change maps in less than 30 seconds

DS1 wireless data logging
 - Logging rates of up to 500Hz (2ms intervals)
 - Data is broadcast via an encrypted WiFi connection
 - Custom code allows us to log any native parameter in the ECU as well as custom monitors we generate based on internal calculations or added external inputs

DS1 wireless real-time tuning
 - Real-time calibration changes without needing to physically connect to the car.  
 - Data is broadcast via an encrypted WiFi connection.
 - DS1 custom code allows the user to real-time tune hundreds of tables without the need to flash the ECU between revisions.  
 - In some cases, the entire calibration segment can be tuned in real-time

Here are some results from DynoSpectrum OTS Tunes
Stage 1 91 Octane (R/M)

Stage 1 E85

Stage 2 91 Octane (R/M)

Stage 2 E85

DynoSpectrum DS1 
  • Includes DS1 OTS Stage 1, Stage 2, and Stage 2 980cc Injector Maps
  • Includes Preset Map Switching for multiple octanes and special features 
  • Customizable Virtual Cockpit display (Boost, Ethanol Content, AFR, etc)
  • High-Resolution Data Logging
  • Flash from your phone or computer via bluetooth
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