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Diamond Pistons 82.5/83 Audi RS3 TTRS 2.5L 5Cyl Series

Diamond Pistons 82.5/83 Audi RS3 TTRS 2.5L 5Cyl Series

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The Audi 2.5L TFSI TT-RS pistons are made by Diamond Racing USA. They are built as tough as can be to withstand the vigorous demands of racing. No matter how much boost pressure you are running or how high you are revving, these pistons will take it and ask for more! Check the individual features for your application below.

Product Features and Design

  • 2618 Low-silicon / High expansion alloy for High HP/Boost applications
  • Round skirt design with a bottom reinforcing band
  • 3D under-crown milling to ensure minimal weight without compromising strength.
  • 3D milling on piston crowns for ready-to-install finish
  • Oversize valve pockets for larger than-stock valves and clip cuts on the edge of the pistons
  • Window milling, reduces piston's overall weight while maintaining its strength and structural integrity
  • Lateral gas ports for better ring seal
  • Offset pins for quiet operation
  • Molly Skirt coating for friction minimization and skirt wear protection
  • Premium 8620 series pins from 1018 mild steel

*Optional Tool steel H-13 alloy wrist pins available as an upgrade. Part number H8662250225C wall thick. 5.72mm.

Diamond Pistons

Diamond pistons are engineered with only one thing in mind: Winning races! They are manufactured in the USA from 2618 materials.

Diamond racing company is known since the late 60s to produce the highest quality engine parts around. For the past 2 decades, Diamond has solely dedicated itself to manufacturing forged pistons.

With all state-of-the-art machinery, they offer customers the state of the industry in machining.

The Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) is one of several sophisticated pieces of measuring and modeling apparatus used in Diamond’s engineering department. The CMM provides very accurate measurements, measuring the location and details of valve pockets, for example, to within a .0001in.

This laser scanner is used for modeling purposes, especially for scanning piston domes where it scans thousands of surface points in minutes.

Developing the highest quality pistons in the industry by using the latest CNC machinery and computer software aids, as well as providing unmatched quality control.

With these credentials, it was only a matter of time before we decide that this is the firm to work with for making unlimited horsepower! 

Product Specifications Details
Item Number 38250-5
Engine Make Audi
Bore 82.5mm/83.00mm
Stroke 92.8mm
Rod 5.669
Comp Height 1.165
Weight call
Pin .905 x 2.250
CC -6.5cc
Comp Ratio 9.5
Cylinder Head Chamber CC 46
Ring Thickness 1.0mm x 1.2mm 2.8mm
VP Intake Depth 0.110
VP Exhaust Depth 0.095
Cylinders 5
Barcode ID 193564405814
Class 14
Product Relations Details
Product Line RS3 TTRS 2.5L
Pins Included Y
Pin Part#
Rings Included Y
Ring Part# 09523248
Rails Included N
Support Rail Part# N/A
Locks Included Y
Lock Ring Part#
Country of Origin USA
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