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Nuke Performance

Blow Off Valve BOV50c V-Band

Blow Off Valve BOV50c V-Band

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The second-generation Blow Off Valve from Nuke Performance, with cutting-edge function and an even quicker response. Highest possible flow capacity and unmatched performance.

The BOV50c is the upgraded version of the classic Blow Off Valves from Nuke Performance. Uses the same flange as the old one, a quick and easy swap with no need for new intake pipes. Its 50mm (1.97") valve and superior enhanced diaphragm ensure swift response and precise boost release.

 Enhanced reinforced diaphragm technology
 Swift response and precise boost release
 Billet aluminum V-Band clamp and flange are included
 1/4 BSPP top-mounted vacuum port
 Interchangeable setup spring, support 250 to 1600hp+
 Lightweight Blow Off Valve for motorsport installations

Equipped with a low friction valve guidance, the Blow Off Valve BOV50c V-Band offers an extremely swift response and is ready for some serious boost and power. We believe this upgraded version of the popular first-generation dump valve has the highest flow capacity for an atmospheric blow-off valve.

 Easy to connect to your intake pipe with the included V-Band flange and clamp, safe and secure installation even when you push your engine to its limits.
The Nuke Performance Blow Off Valve BOV50c V-Band comes with an included aluminum billet V-Band clamp and weldable aluminum flange. This provides for a safe and secure installation even when pushed to the limit.

 The aluminum 60mm V-Band clamp and flange are included
 Optional 51mm (2") hose connector available - fit the V-Band to your silicon hose

A stainless flange is available if needed and we also have a 51mm (2") hose adapter (available here) that lets you mount the blow-off valve to a silicon hose without the need for welding or custom manufacturing.
Spare Aluminum V-Band Flange Part # : 910-02-101
Stainless Steel V-Band Flange Part # : 910-02-102
Spare Aluminum 60mm V-Band Clamp Part # : 910-02-101
51mm Hose Adapter for BOV50c Part # : 920-05-101

 Ideal for any level of boost, thanks to its adaptability with a diverse selection of interchangeable setup springs, catering to your specific requirements.
The Nuke Performance Blow Off Valve BOV50c V-Band offers unparalleled flexibility with a selection of six interchangeable setup springs (available here), ideal for all boosts. The BOV50c has a "blue" spring preinstalled, and the swap for another spring is very easy thanks to the three-bolt design.

* The BOV50c is equipped with a pre-installed Blue Spring.

** Used for supercharger applications only

Select the BOV spring pressure rating based on your engine´s vacuum reading at idle when the engine is at ideal operating temperature. Boost is unrelated to spring pressures; it is solely associated with vacuum. The lowest rate spring (Light Gray) is specifically designed for superchargers and is not intended for use with turbochargers.
BOV50c Light Gray Spring Part # : 9200-01-016
BOV50c Green Spring Part # : 9200-01-017
BOV50c Magenta Spring Part # : 9200-01-018
BOV50c Blue Spring Part # : 9200-01-019 (pre-installed)
BOV50c Red Spring Part # : 9200-01-020
BOV50c Black Spring Part # : 9200-01-021

 The BOV50c uses enhanced diaphragm technology and low friction valve guidance to ensure swift response and seamless operation for any need between 200 to 1600hp+.
The 50mm diameter valve moves smoothly with minimal friction, thanks to the Teflon-treated hard anodized diaphragm guidance. This guarantees reliable performance even under rigorous use in motorsport applications.

 A single BOV50c supports anywhere between 200 to 1600hp+

The Viton seal together with the new superior enhanced diaphragm the Nuke Performance Blow Off Valve BOV50c V-Band has an unmatched swift response and seamless operation which promotes efficient turbo spooling and maximum performance. The new reinforced diaphragm ensures exceptional durability, reducing maintenance requirements.

 The top-mounted 1/4 BSPP vacuum port gives you endless possibilities to connect the blow-off valve to your vacuum line.
With the 1/4 BSPP top-mounted vacuum port, it effortlessly links to your vacuum line for boost reference. We offer a wide range of fittings, including barb hose fittings, and quick-connect tube adapters, available in straight and banjo versions. To ensure precise functionality in line with our specifications, we recommend using a 6mm inner diameter hose or tube.
1/4 BSPP Banjo Quick Connect to 6mm tubing Part # : 300-10-119
1/4 BSPP Banjo Qucik Connect to 8mm tubing Part # : 590-10-104
1/4 BSPP Straight Quick Connector to 6mm tubing Part # : 300-10-103
1/4 BSPP Straight Barb Fitting for 4mm hose Part # : 300-10-113
1/4 BSPP Straight Barb Fitting for 6mm hose Part # : 300-10-111
1/4 BSPP Straight Barb Fitting for 8mm hose Part # : 300-10-110

 What is the purpose of a blow-off valve, and how does it work?
An atmospheric (such as the BOV50c from Nuke Performance ) BOV releases the boost into the atmosphere when the throttle closes, preventing compressor surge and ensuring the turbo´s longevity. A BOV is essential for the turbo´s lifespan but also plays a significant role in enhancing performance. By releasing excess boost, the BOV prevents compressor surge and reduces lag by allowing the turbo to spin up more quickly when the throttle valve is opened again.

The needed vacuum reference "detects" throttle closure, prompting the valve to open and release excess boost. The Nuke Performance BOV50c uses an oversized 1/4 BSPP vacuum port, that guarantees that the vacuum reading is accurate and swift. Do you want to learn more about how a blow-off valve works, view our FAQ about "How does a blow-off valve work?".

 Designed and developed in Sweden, guaranteeing the highest possible precision, quality, and performance.
Developed and designed in Sweden, in-house by Nuke Performance. The Nuke Performance Blow Off Valve BOV50c V-Band is of the highest possible quality and embodies the exceptional standards characteristic of all lightweight motorsports products from Nuke Performance. The BOV50c is co-developed with worldwide motorsports teams, ensuring that this second generation surpasses the first one and meets the absolute highest standards, or even makes a new standard of its own.

There is no substitute for the quality and performance of Nuke Performance.

 Blow Off Valve BOV50c V-Band Specifications:
For more information about specifications, view the product sheet.

 Connection V-Band (clamp and aluminum flange included)
 Internal design 50mm valve with reinforced diaphragm
 Vacuum port thread 1/4" BSPP (available here)
 Pre-set spring installed -0.53 to -0.65 BAR (-16 to -19 inHg)
 Height 78.7mm (3.09") *
 Diameter 81.6mm (3.21") *
 Weight 435g (15.34oz) *
 For motorsports use YES
 Replaces old part # 900-01-201 / 900-02-201 **
 Part # 920-01-101
 EAN 7340209507454

* all measurements without the included V-Band flange and clamp
** first generation BOV50, both V-Band and Hose connection versions

 BOV50c Spring Pressure Chart
Measure the engine vacuum at idle and with the engine at operating temperature.

Superchargers Only Light Gray Spring # 9200-01-016 **
-0.27 to -0.39 BAR (-8 to -11 inHg) Green Spring # 9200-01-017
-0.40 to -0.52 BAR (-12 to -15 inHg) Magenta Spring # 9200-01-018
-0.53 to -0.65 BAR (-16 to -19 inHg) Blue Spring # 9200-01-019 *
-0.66 to -0.75 BAR (-20 to -21 inHg) Red Spring # 9200-01-020
-0.73 to -0.79 BAR (-22 to -23 inHg) Black Spring # 9200-01-021
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