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83.0MM ZRP Audi 2.5L TFSI (TT-RS) ZRP Forged Pistons

83.0MM ZRP Audi 2.5L TFSI (TT-RS) ZRP Forged Pistons

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The Audi 2.5L TFSI TT-RS pistons are developed for mild to high tuning, mainly for road or club race cars that want to develop their engine for high mileage and/or street use. Designed by ZRP engineers and manufactured in Germany from 4032 (T6) high-silicon, low-expansion alloy.

This allows the engine builder to run a closer piston to bore clearance thus producing a better seal. This minimizes the slapping noise during cold start, common place among engines running forged pistons, providing a quiet operation and low oil consumption.

We have chosen a Full round skirt design with the bottom reinforcing band, with oversize and deeper valve pockets to allow high lift camshaft profiles to be used. They have Offset pins for quiet operation and the wrist pins are made from 9310 alloys.

Other features include Anti-detonation grooves to protect the first rings, and gas pressure accumulator grooves for better ring seal, and vibration relief. Premium Japanese quality 1.00mm x 1.20mm x 2.80mm ring package included.

*Note: Pistons are designed to be used in all engine configurations with 21.00mm pin. 

Product Features and Design

  • Anti-detonation grooves for long wear life and performance
  • Gas pressure accumulator groove in the 2nd ring land for longer wear life.
  • Horizontal slots in the pin bore are designed to allow oil to enter between the wrist pin and pin-bore area.
  • Precision CNC machined ring grooves
  • 4032-T6 high-silicon / low-expansion alloy
  • Honed pin bores
  • Clip cuts on the edge of the Intake side
  • Full Round skirt design with the bottom reinforcing band for High HP/Boost applications
  • Valve Pockets designed to allow over size valves and high lift camshafts
  • Pistons designed to optimize squish for longer engine life and increased horsepower potential

Optional coatings offered per request

  • Thermal barrier coating “Blast Off Bronze”
  • Moly Side-Skirt and Under-Crown coating “Stealth Black”
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