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10 BAR (150 PSI) Bosch fuel/oil pressure/temperature sensor, M10x1

10 BAR (150 PSI) Bosch fuel/oil pressure/temperature sensor, M10x1

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A high-quality pressure and temperature sensor from Bosch, with an M10x1 male thread.
A well-known and popular fuel and oil temperature and pressure sensor from Bosch. Not meant to be used on the Nuke Performance FPR100 series, for those regulators, you need a 1/8 NPT thread (available here).

Data of temperature sensor
Specified temperature range: -40 to +140°C
Operating voltage: Operation with a 3.16 k series resistor at 5 V in the control unit
Nominal resistance at 20 °C: 2.482 k 4.7 % (new part)
Temperature response time 63 in oil bath : 9 s

 Sensor Characteristics (.pdf)

Pin out
Pin 2 Sig
Pin 3 Us
Pin 4 GND
Pin 5 NTC / Temp

This sensor can be connected directly to most control units. For temperature measurement please use a pull-up resistor with an optimal value of 4.6 kOhm.

Disclaimer: This is not a Nuke Performance official product, this is only available as an accessory to our product range. Can not be fitted to the Nuke Performance fuel pressure regulators, then you need a sensor with a 1/8 NPT thread instead (available here).

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