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JDY 2.0T/FSI Engine Ultimate Block Internal Kit-Diamond Pistons JDY iBeam Conrod

JDY 2.0T/FSI Engine Ultimate Block Internal Kit-Diamond Pistons JDY iBeam Conrod

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Head Studs

EA888 Gen3: MK6GTI/R/Scirocco R/S3 8V/MK7R/MK7GTI

EA113: MK6 R/TTS 8J S3 8P/GTI 5/Cupra R

EA888 Gen2: MK6GTI/Scirocco/Tiguan/ Skoda vRS octoovia

The Ultimate block building combo for EA888 Gen3/Gen2, this kit includes everything you need to build the engine block for High boost (power output)


-JDY iBeam Conrod with ARP2000 Bolts

JDY i-Beam connecting rods for all 2.0L TSI engines with chain (EA888) is designed for an extreme performance increase of up to 1000 hp(275HP/Per CYL). This will increase the performance of your Golf Mk7, Audi S3 8V, and Audi TT/TTS. From a performance of 270 hp, you should upgrade to these connecting rods, as the original parts cannot withstand and tear this high load.

In order to optimally lubricate the piston pins and protect the engine parts from abrasion, the connecting rods come with an additional drilling  All JDY connecting rods are precisely angled and tested. Included are of course 3/8" ARP 2000 expansion bolts and the assembly paste.

Features i-Beam Connecting Rod:

  • High-strength milled from solid material
  • Suitable for extreme performance increases up to approx. 1000 hp
  • Extremely light and very stable
  • Magnaflux inspected
  • 4 pieces per set 22mm pin
  • With ARP 2000 expansion bolts 3/8"
  • ARP Assembly paste
  • With additional bore for piston pin lubrication (Riffle drilled)

-Diamond Pistons (4 pistons each set) 82.5mm CR9.0:1 22mm pin

  • 2618 Low-silicon / High expansion alloy for High HP/Boost applications
  • Round skirt design with a bottom reinforcing band
  • 3D under-crown milling to ensure minimal weight without compromising strength
  • 3D milling on piston crowns for ready-to-install finish
  • Oversize valve pockets for larger than stock valves and clip cuts on the edge of the pistons
  • Window milling reduces the piston's overall weight while maintaining its strength and structural integrity
  • Lateral gas ports for better ring seal
  • Offset pins for quiet operation
  • Molly Skirt coating for friction minimization and skirt wear protection
  • Premium 8620 series pins from 1018 mild steel

-ARP L19 Head Studs

This Kit was designed for drag racers or street racers, running on high-boost engines, that need more clamping force and tensile strength than the ARP2000 Stud Kit can offer. These are 15% stronger than ARP2000 and have a 55% increase in tensile strength over the OEM torque to Yield (TTY Bolts) !!

Due to many “head lifting” issues on Audi engines running in excess of 25 PSI, a stronger stud had to be custom-made to meet the demands of today’s top engine builders and racers alike.

These studs are made from vacuum-melted alloy steel with sufficient chromium and carbon to achieve high hardness and superior strength Like most high strength, quench, and temper steels - L19 requires special care during manufacturing to avoid hydrogen embrittlement.

This material is easily contaminated and subject to stress corrosion. It must be kept well-oiled and not exposed to moisture. Recommended for applications boosting higher than 30 PSI.

No Modification to your VW Cylinder Head or Block is required as these are direct drop-in replacements for the OEM Head Studs.

Torque Specification: 90 ft/lbs. Yield Strength: 200-230,000 PSI Tensile Strength: 260,000 PSI

Note: The nuts and washers included in this kit still utilize premium grade 8740 alloy as only the stud is subjected to increased pressure Each kit includes a complete set of L19 head studs, nuts, and ARP Assembly Lubricant.

-ACL Connecting Rod & Crank Bearings

  • Racing bearing, ACL Race
  • Extra coated
  • Extra bore for the piston pin
  • PN:5M5585H-STD 4B5562H-STD

-ARP2000 Block Studs

An absolute MUST for all engines that run with increased charge pressure! ARP is the market leader in this field and offers you stud bolts for the engine block made of 8740 chromoly steel with rounded thread. These are up to 30% stronger expansion steel than the stock bolts. With us, the kit comes complete with the side mounting bolts for the main bearing blocks. Here again, high-strength ARP bolts are used. Quality and safety are guaranteed!

-Athena Ring Cut Head Gaskets

Produced in very high-quality stainless steel, Cooper Rings exceed the sealing capabilities of conventional fire rings and optimize engine performances.

Gaskets with Cooper Ring are realized with a reinforced material M0115, renowned for being asbestos-free, original equipment approved, and superior quality.

These gaskets stand out also because they present separate stainless steel rings (AISI 304) that ensure maximum sealing around the cylinder bore, even on engines with NOS and/or turbo applications in which boost exceeds 2 bar.

No head and block machining is required. Finally, the application of silicon beading on critical areas helps to improve sealing around all water and oil cooling passages.

Thickness 1,4 mm Ø 83,5 mm

The complete kit comes incl. a bag of Moly paste and installation instructions.

Tightening torque in 3 steps like series. Last stage 95Nm. Tighten the M8 screws with 30Nm.

Fits: Gen3 engines

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