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Haldex Clutch For MQB AWD - G7R/TTS/TTRS/S3/RS3

Haldex Clutch For MQB AWD - G7R/TTS/TTRS/S3/RS3

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Haldex Clutch for MQB AWD-G7R/TTS/TTRS/S3/RS3


Stock: 13 frictions 12 reaction plates

Race: 15 frictions 14 reaction discs 

Street: 14 frictions and 13 reaction discs

All clutch packs are similar in thickness to stock clutch packs, technically they will not stick to each other when pump pressure is low.

These specially designed frictions with reaction plates will significantly help to increase torque delivery to rear wheels and decrease 0-100km/h time. It is done by extra friction force generated by the clutch pack and steel plates.

It has been proven to work on enormous real-life applications on the street and track all over the world.

The clutch pack is designed to work the stock pressure relief valve spring and pump pressure suppose not to be bigger than the stock max level.


1. Please soak the clutch in Haldex fluid for at least 30 mins

2. When installing the clutch please do not pressure the clip-on basket too tight, the only function of the clip is to hold the clutch pack and keep them from falling out

3. We suggest using ODIS to do the pump motor basic setting in the AWD section, this can also be done with VCDS, but ODIS the best. Please note, you MUST wait till the process to complete

4. After installation, we suggest running in the clutch for at least 500km and changing the oil if vibration comes from the rear or the Haldex has a scratching sound

5. Please check the Haldex fluid level after doing multiple ODIS basic settings

Instruction Manual:

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