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Nuke Performance

10 Micron Filter Element - Welded Stainless Steel

10 Micron Filter Element - Welded Stainless Steel

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Replacement 10-micron welded stainless steel Fuel Filter element insert for Nuke Performance fuel filters.
This stainless steel filter element is safe for all types of fuels, including alcoholic fuels such as E85, and is used together with the available "short" fuel filters from Nuke Performance (see matching part numbers in the description).

 Over 60 sq. inches of filtering area
 Welded stainless steel insert
 Safe for all types of fuels, including alcoholic fuels
 Works with Nuke Fuel Filter and Fuel Filter Slim
 Delivered with 2x replacement Viton O-rings

Two replacement Viton O-rings are included with the filter element, the O-rings should always be changed when replacing your filter element to ensure a proper seal, make sure to use some lubrication on the threads before attaching the filter end cap to the filter body when reassembling the filter. 

 We recommend that the filter insert be replaced or cleaned (only stainless elements) at least once per season to maintain maximum function.
When running ethanol, methanol, or other alcoholic fuels, you should always go with our stainless steel filter elements as these have a long life and trouble-free functionality. We strongly recommend cleaning the internal filter element once a season, and if you use the cellulose filter elements you should change this every month to prevent it to dissolve when being used.
Alcoholic fuels = stainless steel insert. Petrol / Gasoline = cellulose or stainless steel insert. Diesel = cellulose or stainless steel insert.
10-micron stainless steel element Part # : 200-10-105
100-micron stainless steel element Part # : 200-10-102
0-micron cellulose element Part # : 200-10-101

 The filter element fits with the following items from Nuke Performance
Make sure to select the preferred filter element for the filter it is intended to be installed. Both the fuel filters with included brackets and the fuel filter slim-series from Nuke Performance use the same dimension of fuel filters and can be used for all filter bodies.
The accurate fuel filters delivered with the 10 micron stainless steel element are these:

Fuel Filter AN-10 10-micron Part # : 200-01-203
Fuel Filter Slim AN-10 10-micron Part # : 200-02-203

 10 Micron Filter Element - Stainless steel Specifications :
For more information about specifications, contact us directly.

 Filter / Micron Stainless steel / 10 micron
 Fuel compatibility Gasoline, Petrol, Ethanol, Methanol, Diesel
 Length 75mm (2.95")
 Diameter 42mm (1.65”)
 Weight 171g (0.37lb)
 Filter area 60 sq. in
 Work pressure / Max pressure 8 BAR (116 PSI) / 21 BAR (305 PSI)
 Flow capacity 750 LPH
 Pressure drop ≈0.15 BAR (≈2.17 PSI)
 Part # 200-10-105
 EAN 7340209500608

 10 Micron Filter Element - Stainless steel includes :
1 x 10-micron Stainless steel filter element
2 x Viton O-ring

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